BFLC Pelham Gardens prepares young minds to be curious collaborators of their learning, and to think outside of the box.  

A Reggio-Emilia inspired preschool, with an amazing nature-play environment and quality child-directed curriculum.

Our free DOE UPK for ALL preschool is designed exclusively for your 4 year old. 

BFLC Pelham Gardens offers the highest quality early childhood education for our NYC communities.

OPEN ENROLLMENT Every Year use DOE NYC Website  

Please visit: http://schools.nyc.gov/ChoicesEnrollment/PreK/default.htm 

Select DOE # 11XBBS

NOTE:We offer a comprehensive after-school/no-school program for working families. Because we know it takes a village!

Additional services offered to UPK participating kids: 

Early Drop Off Services (7:30AM)

After-School Services (2:20 PM to 6:00 PM) 

Comprehensive Services (Early Drop Off/After-School/ No School Mandated DOE Days)*

* Check School Calendar for more details

BFLC Pelham Gardens LLC Parent Handbook

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